Are you fed up with static? Can't hear your customers?

Did you drop your handset and now it rattles?

Replace that "bad" handset on your business telephone with one of our compatible new replacement handsets.

Our new aftermarket replacement handsets are made to be compatible with the business telephone on your desk. Buying a replacement handset is as easy as clicking on the logo for the manufacturer of your phone.

How do I know which replacement handset I need?

1. Look at the logo on your telephone.

                           2. Find the model of your phone

                                                HINT:    The model of your telephone may be printed on the front of the phone near the logo

                                                               or you may have to flip it over and look at the bottom to find the model. 


Ready to order?

Click the link "Select My Handset" at the top of this page or "Buy a Replacement Handset" below.


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Same Day Shipping

We have thousands of handsets in stock and most orders will ship the same day they are received.


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